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canada pharmaceutical supplies

Shop through our wide selection of medical, research and laboratory supplies. From serum vials to tablet press excipients, we have everything you need to fulfill your pharmaceutical supply needs.


Free expedited shipping on all orders over 299$ within Canada.

same day shipping

We ship the same day if you order before 2pm (ET).

Vials & Accessories

Shop through our inventory of vials and accessories. We have multiple type and serum vials and other accessories like flip tops, crimpers and rubbers. Everything in stock and ready to be shipped.

Chemical & Solvents

We have a wide selection of research chemicals and laboratory solvents solvents. We supply provide quality and ultra pure chemicals for all your research, compounding and medical needs.


We carry most essentials USP grade excipients for your tablet press or research forumulation. Compounds such as micro crystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and many more are available for immediate delivery.

Pharma Supply is a canadian based company specializing in distribution of pharmaceutical coumpounds and accessories. We provide and are trusted by companies and individuals worldwide.

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